Managing Stress: Good for Your Health

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Coping With Stress By Thriving On Good Changes

Coping With Stress By Thriving On Good Changes

Have you ever noticed yourself going to the fridge to get something to eat when you are all upset?

You’re not alone there are many people just like you in this world. They are like you wishing they could do something to change that from happening to them, but it isn’t going away. What you can do to help you to change all of this from happening to you?

You have to train yourself to do something different - only you can do this. What causes this to happen to people?

Most of the time this happens when people are stressed out or being upset. The first thing they want to do is to run to the icebox and eat everything they see in it.

Which isn’t healthy for you in the first place. You need to think way down inside your body and figure out what can be done about this habit. There are other ways to go, you just have to figure out what to do about it and do it.

What can one do to learn to redirect yourself? Redirecting is hard for most of us to do but it can be done in time. You have to do it over and over again until your brain knows that is what you want it to do instead of going and binging on food.

So when you feel you have to eat why not go and pick up a good book and read it. You’re going to have to make yourself do this but you can do this if you want it bad enough. If you find that reading isn’t what is good for you at a time like this then you will have to find something that will work for you.

What are some things I can do to find what is good for me? There really isn’t anything good to say about this other then you have to do some things on your own to find out what would be best for you what might be good for you may not be good for someone else.

You might want to ask your friends what they do to give you some ideas. They may suggest something like taking a real hot bath, or reading a good book. Some of them may find that exercising is a good way to relive some of their stress.

There are many things that you may find works for you that don’t work for your friends. You might think that cleaning house is a good way to get rid of stress that is okay to.

Why is stress so bad for me and why do, I need to get rid of it?

Stress is something that you might want to get rid of as soon as it hit you. Why is this?

This is because stress isn’t good for you or your health. It will cause you many problems if you don’t get rid of it as soon as you are able to.

Some of the things it can cause is heart troubles, high blood pressure, out of control cholesterol, and can cause you to have some depression. If this happens then you will have to go to your family doctor and may have to take some kind of medication for it.

Therefore, you are better if you can learn to control it before this happens. There is way to do it you just have to have some will power and set your mind to it and do it. Thrive to make satisfying changes.

Conquering your Problems

Have you ever had one of those days that you wish it would hurry up and end? It seems like nothing is going right for you. Think positive, there is hope for you.

There are some things that you can do to help you relax so that you are able to clear your head and think straight. You thinking; huh, ok how is that going to be possible to do? Here is what you might want to try, this may help you to relax some and be able to think right.

What can I do to help me out on a day like this? On one of these days, there is something that you can do to help yourself out. Although you don’t think that, there is any answer there is an answer.

For one thing you might want to try some deep breathing techniques this could be something in the form of mediation. If you want to get deep into mediation, you can always take a Yoga class. You could even go to the library and get books on how to learn to teach yourself this technique. This is really a self-teaching course for self-healing.

If you find meditation, doesn’t work why not try something like aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is always good to help clear a cloudy head with a ton of stress on your back. Try aromatherapy in a quiet room yourself, with some candles.

Quite time is always good to clear up the head and relax. You might want to try taking a hot bath with some candles sitting around. Turn down the lights and put on some soft music, and just relax until you feel like you are going to turn to a prune.

There are so many things that you can do to relax so that you are able to have a clear mind to make the right choices in the world today.

How will I know when I need to do something to help to clear my head?

Well this is totally up to you to decide, but most people know when they are getting all stress out and cannot think straight. Stress will make you feel like your mind is so cloudy making you feel like nothing. Therefore, when this happens you need to just relax and do some techniques to help you to be able to think straight.

What else can stress do to you and your health? Stress is not a good thing by any means; it can make you feel like you’re dying inside. It can also make you have heart trouble, cause you to have strokes, and maybe go into a depression as well.

No one wants this to happen to him or her so you need to take a hold of things and find a way to get rid of this unwanted stress in your life.

How can I stop stress from hitting me? There is nothing you can do to keep stress from your life; you have to find your inner feelings and how to control them.

Stress will take you as far as you will let it go and then it is almost too late to do something about it. Therefore, you really need to find some way to control it now before it controls you.

The things I have said may work for one and not for another so you need to decide what will work for you and go with it. If it does not work then try something until it does work. There are many ways that you can do to improve yourself for thriving in stress.

We can help! Please check out our extensive self-help library in the member's area. We'd also like to recommend our range of stress-busting products.

Jill is also available for 1-to-1 online therapy if you'd prefer to speak to a very experienced therapist face to face.

Is Self-Discipline Always a Good Thing?

Is Self-Discipline Always a Good Thing?

It doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about, there is always a way to have too much of
something. That includes having too much self-discipline. There is a time when that control is
not even self-discipline anymore but has become self-abuse. If you’ve gone too far, you may
end up having some characteristics about your personality that aren’t beneficial. Let’s look
closer into some signs that things may have gone too far.

You Can’t Make Decisions
You’re overly cautious when you try to make choices. You can’t choose what to eat for dinner,
you can’t pick which movie to go to, and you can’t figure out what to do with your life. You’re
scared of making the wrong decision, so you tend not to make any. Thus, you make no
progress in life.

You Have Become a Perfectionist
Some people think the word "perfectionist" makes them sound smart and important.
However, the truth is a person who has become a perfectionist is usually not full of selfconfidence. Their perfectionism is really an excuse never to do anything or finish anything due
to fear of success or failure.

You Are Too Focused on Rules and Regulations
Following the law is good and it’s great to care about rules and regulations. However, you can
take this too far if you cannot play a game or do anything without pointing out the rules
everyone else is breaking before you can have any fun. Plus, if you nitpick every little thing,
you will never get anything done.

You Can’t Take Breaks
While sticking to a schedule is a good thing - especially if you are a manager, a business
owner, or a parent, you can take that too far. It’s imperative to set up your day so that you
have time for breaks and set up your schedule and task list with breaks in mind. A person who
is all work and no play will not end up being successful long term without burning out.

You Feel Lonely
If you’re not taking breaks and you cannot make decisions, you may start to feel lonely and
out of touch with others - even if they’re there with you. You feel detached from others
because you must be regimented in everything you do.

Has your quest to have more self-discipline crossed over to become a serious problem of
being too controlled to the point that you cannot be yourself, feel stressed out all the time,
and cannot make decisions due to being so risk-averse? If this happens, it’s time to get back
to normal self-discipline. The point is to learn to retrain yourself now so that you can meet
long-term goals in work and in life - not to end up miserable.

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Eight Examples of Good Self-Discipline

Eight Examples of Good Self-Discipline

To be self-disciplined, you need to be able to motivate yourself to meet the goals that you set
for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s outside help to get done what needs to get done. You
do what you said you would - whether that was said to yourself or someone else, and even if
you don’t feel like it. To get a bigger understanding of what self-discipline is, let’s look at some

1. Wake Up on Time – The ability to get yourself up before work, get properly dressed,
fed, exercised and out the door on time to get to work is a trait of self-discipline. Sure, if
you’re late enough, you may get fired, so there is some outside push there. However, for
most people, it’s simply self-discipline that gets them going each day.

2. Act Respectfully Toward Others – Everyone has thoughts in their head about
people they meet during the day. That person who cut you off? That person who is walking
too slowly in the store when you’re in a hurry? With good self-discipline you will still be
respectful toward everyone regardless of your feelings, hunger, or mood at the time.

3. Eat Healthily – There are so many things out there to eat that aren’t good. A person
who chooses to eat healthily 80 to 90 percent of the time is demonstrating excellent selfdiscipline by saying no today to short-term pleasure in exchange for being healthier long

4. Daily Exercise – Some people really do love exercise and get a true "high" or addiction
off it. But most of us don’t. A person who goes ahead and does their exercise anyway each
day because they have goals is showing how self-disciplined they are.4
Self-Discipline For Novices

5. Meet Deadlines – Sometimes you’ll see the words "self-starter" in a job description,
but what they really want is a person who is self-disciplined enough to make and meet
deadlines without a lot of outside influence.

6. Avoid Temptation – A truly self-disciplined person doesn’t allow temptation to be a
factor in their lives because they work to avoid it. If they're tempted by donuts, they don’t
walk into a donut shop. If they want to save money, they get it taken out of their paycheck;
they’re never tempted to spend it since they don’t see it.

7. Follow Through – A self-disciplined person tends to do what they say they’ll do. They
have follow-through. If they say they’ll get done on Friday, they will do what they can to get
done on Friday without anyone reminding them.

8. Create Good Habits – A person with self-discipline knows that the best way to stick
to any goal is to create good habits surrounding that goal. For example, a person who has the
goal to get up an hour earlier to go to the gym knows that it’s going to be only willpower the
first month, then after that, a habit will be created.

Self-discipline doesn’t mean that a person never has fun. The ability to let go of weakness and
do what you know is right is the best example of self-discipline. It doesn’t matter if you’re at
work or at home; being able to control yourself is essential to your happiness and success

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