30 Positive Affirmations For Healing Depression

30 Positive Affirmations For Healing Depression

I love myself without conditions

Every day I soar higher and higher, depression cannot beat me

Today, I will reject sadness, and find happiness

Today I choose to feel happy, safe, and serene

I am strong and I will beat depression

My mood is just thoughts, it is not my true self

Today, I will have at least 5 positive thoughts

Today, I will reject all negative thoughts

I love who I am







Today…I have hope. I have faith. I am free. I am well. I am happy

I am happiness, I am safety, I am serenity

Today, I feel connected to the universe

I will fight to my dying breath to beat depression

I am stronger than mental illness

Today, I will feel less depressed and more joyful

Today, depression will not beat me or keep me down

Today, I will enjoy each moment, one minute at a time

With the sun on my face, I find healing in nature

I am free of negativity, it does not have a hold on me

I have the power to beat my depression, my strength and fortitude will see me through

Depression has no hold over me, I find joy wherever it is

In every challenge, I find opportunity and valuable life lessons

Today, I will let optimism bring me happiness

Today, I will find joy in all that I do

There are many things in my life that I am grateful for

Today, I will focus only on those parts of my life that make me happy

I control my thoughts, what I do, and how I feel

Depression will never beat me

I will never let depression keep me down

I have no doubt that I will beat depression


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