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Saying YES Even When You Do Not Know The Outcome

Saying ‘Yes’ Even When You Do Not Know The Outcome
Life is not just black and white. It has its complications and things do not always go as planned. As we start our journey towards our goals and live our lives daily, we are not sure of what the result will be and what will happen next. Fear creeps in but, is that reason enough to say ‘no’ to some things and play it safe? In life we are faced with so much risk and most of what we do involves taking chances. Nothing is certain.
Nowadays, just leaving the house for a walk, falling in love, eating and more has become risky. You can innocently buy food at your grocery shops only to discover when you are hospitalized that it was infected, or go out for a walk only to fall victim to abductors, or fall in love only to realize later that you do not know the person the way you thought you did or that they lied about who they really are. But do we then stop living because of that? Certainly not! You do not have full control over the outcomes of your life but you are responsible for letting opportunities pass you by through choosing inaction where you could have given it a try. The biggest risk you can ever take is choosing to not try.
Although things can be that bad, there are still good things happening all around us. All we need to do is to keep the hope for a good life alive and stay focused on our purpose. We also need to keep our mindset on the positives rather than negatives else we will lose all of what we would have enjoyed to fear and pessimism. No matter what happens, just say ‘yes’ and keep moving forward.
Try to think more about the possible positive outcomes and take a chance going forward rather than backward. As you win and lose, you eventually unlock new doors and expose yourself to more possibilities. It is better to fail while moving than complaining while you remain in the same position. Trying allows us to learn about the world around us and takes us on a journey to self-discovery. Once we get to know our strengths and weaknesses that are pushing us towards or keeping us from reaching our goals, we know what we need to do to improve.

What happens when you say ‘yes’ even when you do not know the outcome?
You stand up against our fears – when we learn to say yes in uncertain situations, fear slowly loses its hold on us. Thus, we get to understand that some things are not as bad as our fear can make us believe which helps us face future challenges boldly. You overcome the fear of failure.
You face failure and learn how to deal with it – learning how to deal with failure is necessary for everyone especially those who desire a quality of life beyond the ordinary. Besides helping us learn to persevere, facing fears plays a big role in boosting our confidence and making us unstoppable. It is also said that a calm sea does not make a smooth sailor and that it is not failure if you learn from it. As you say ‘yes’ and allow yourself to face failure, you identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategies which can help you improve your approach to reaching your goals. You know what you lost and how you lost it which can help you with your future calculations. A comfortable life of avoiding risks does not allow you to learn much.
You increase your chances of success – as you take risks, you stand a chance of discovering more and new opportunities that are not obvious or worth taking to those who choose to give way to fear. The fact that you are able to confront your fears makes you stand out and puts you in position others are allowing their fear to keep them from reaching. Also, as you keep saying yes you enter into a zone that has less competition than the previous because people are less willing to take risks. Success does not often compromise to meet us at our level of comfort, we pursue it and that means we should be willing to find our way around all obstacles, uncertainty included. Inaction leads nowhere.
You build your mental strength – as you walk the fearsome path and get to the other side, anything you left behind can no longer have a strain on you mentally. You look forward to new and bigger challenges which to you start to seem minor than they did before you faced the previous ones. You learn to remain sane amid challenging situations as you get used to dealing with uncertainty. You start to believe that if you did it in the past you have it in you to win again.
There is always something to gain – unlike when you just sit and do nothing due to fear of the unknown, saying yes takes you a step ahead always. If you do not gain what you intended to get, you are at least a step away from where you were previously and you get to learn and explore.