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Assessing Your Need For Personal Development

Assessing Your Need For Personal Development

Assessing Your Need For Personal Development

Personal development is a crucial part of life; it’s what gets you from being that awkward teen full of mistakes to the wise adult you are today. But how do you know where you stand in your personal development? How do assess whether you need to work on it harder or keep on the path you’re already on?

In this article, we’re going to explore personal development and help you identify if you need to work on it.

Do you make decisions for yourself?

One of the first ways to tell if you need to revisit your personal development or not is by analyzing how you make decisions. Do you make them for yourself or do you rely heavily on the thoughts and opinions of others?

There’s a difference between getting the advice and input of others on decisions you made and relying on others to make the decision for you. The first is a reasonable course of action for anyone making a big or heavy decision. The second, however, is a sign that you’re not going well on your path to personal development.


Do you like yourself?

While the goal of personal development is to make you a better person, the motivation has to be rooted in you. It’s your idea of “better,” the person you want yourself to be, and what you want out of your life. If you don’t like yourself, you’re not on the right track with your personal development.

If you answered no to this question, ask yourself these follow-up questions to help you identify where you went wrong and what you need to adjust and correct:


● What specifically about yourself do you not like?

● What small action each day would help change that?

● What goal can you set for yourself that, once achieved, would help you like yourself more?

● Why do you think it is that you don’t like yourself?

● What major change would need to take place for you to like yourself?

From here, you can develop a plan and course of action to help rectify this problem and get you on the right track to personal development.


What accomplishments toward personal development have you made so far?

While you don’t want to focus exclusively on your goals, you do need to measure your progress in some way to make sure you know if you’re on the right track or not. Spend some time reflecting on your personal development thus far.


What goals have you set for yourself? Have you accomplished them? What goals do you still have for yourself? Are you close to achieving any of them? Determining the answers to these questions will help you to assess if you need to work to improve your personal development or not.


Why should you assess your need for personal development?

As we said before, personal development is a crucial part of life. It’s what helps to make you the best person you possibly can be. Taking the time to assess your need for personal development helps keep you on track and gets you to the good person you want to be. It helps you take stock of your behavior, actions, and decisions and make sure that you’re being the person you want to be.

Personal development is an important part of life, but it doesn’t just happen. It’s something you actively have to work at to improve and keep track of your progress so you can keep up what’s working and cut out what’s not. As you assess your personal development, consider how you can work to improve your personal development and achieve your desired results.


We can help! Please check out our extensive self-help library in the member's area. We'd also like to recommend our range of stress-busting products.

Jill is also available for 1-to-1 online therapy if you'd prefer to speak to a very experienced therapist face to face.

You Only Need One Yes

You Only Need One Yes
Happiness is a skill and just like any other skill you acquire, you ought to sharpen it by practicing for it to be perfected. The skill comes in identifying that which nourishes your happiness and you do more of it. You can never acquire happiness until you say yes to it and open your heart to receive it. To receive, one has to have the ability to say yes. The power of yes is one that can transform one`s life by opening every other door to come after it.
The journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step and that step is always a yes. Permitting yourself to tread the path, to start moving, growing, and thriving in the path of choice. Over the years we have become so attuned to bad things happening and as a survival mechanism, we have become more accustomed to saying no. Often ‘’No’’ comes as a fear-based response to things we do not understand and things we are uncomfortable with. In most people, it ends up crossing the boundary from the situations actually requiring a no to every other situation which calls for change, for trying new things. In all this comes growth but when we are used to throwing the big ‘’No’’ close the door to the opportunity.
The word NO has a negative effect on the mind, releasing stress and chemicals in the brain that affect the effectiveness and rationality of a person. When you are told no you automatically feel a pit in your stomach which just translates to a kick of disappointment. In a world where we are constantly hearing no, there sure is a lot of disappointment people are carrying around. You could have had a business idea so bright but once you pitched it and got a negative response you ditched it. Some people keep going on, trying again but the more the rejection comes each time taking a chunk of their hope with it ultimately, they give up. In such a situation just one ‘’ Yes’’ becomes the miracle you need. A single yes has magic in it to spin everything in your favor.
Never let the rejection sink into you when you hear no, there is no shame in a no, it is in more ways than not a step closer you are taking to getting that one, yes you need. See every no as progress. Every successful person has battled through their share of no`s until one person believed in them. What made them reach that yes however was perseverance and resilience even when the disappointments were kicking them down. They kept standing up, dusting themselves up to continue the quest. You ought to keep at it, keep working, keep trying, cultivate patience and you will eventually get to a yes.
The power in one yes can make all the rejection you have ever come across lose its value. One yes from an investor can make your idea come to life, another yes can bring you a life partner, a job. Do not allow a couple of no`s to drain your enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams but always look at it with positivity to lead you to a better day. The no`s should not shut down your innovation, face them with a winner`s attitude, one of thriving and striving until you get your yes. Your defining moment.
The power in yes does not only come when you are on the receiving end, it is not just about you hearing one yes that will change your entire life. It all starts with permitting yourself, saying yes to yourself, and opportunities. Saying yes entails allowing yourself to try new things, permitting yourself to try, and fail always picking lessons along the way. It means giving room for change and growth in your life, saying yes to opportunities pushes you to go an extra mile and jump out of your comfort zone. One yes to an opportunity and your life can be transformed. You don’t always have to wait for opportunities to come your way sometimes you ought to say yes to creating your own.
Saying yes is a declaration of self-belief, it automatically boosts your confidence. Everything around you can be a key to your awakening if only you can say yes to it. Allow yourself to experience life with all its adventures, your joy becomes fuller when you start saying yes to life and new challenges it puts in your path. Never grow weary in the quest for that yes that can turn things around. When you have understood how to say yes to yourself and have gained your own approval it can only be easy facing rejection on the path to that ‘’Yes’’ you are looking for. Whatever it is you might be needing your yes for, trust the process and keep pressing on, all you need is just one yes, the master key to all other doors of opportunity.