The Word YES Can Change Your Reality

The Word YES Can Change Your Reality
If you want to live a fulfilling life, you should be willing to keep growing. You need to have a desire to change that is stronger than your desire to remain comfortable in your present state, for you to be able to escape an ordinary or undesirable lifestyle. However, that stronger desire to change must be accompanied by the change of one’s mindset. You cannot escape an unfavorable situation with the same mindset you got into it with.
The strength of our mind is one of the things we do not talk about much and is underrated. A person who is mentally strong but physically weak is in a better position to achieve greater things than someone who is physically strong but lacks mentally. Your reality depends on your perceptions and your routine changes with your feelings and mindset. Therefore, you will need to cultivate the mindset of a winner and feed your brain positivity to be able to change your reality. You need to fight every seed of doubt planted in you and not allow it the right conditions for growth. Thus, it is important to block anything that keeps pulling you back.
Learn to say ‘yes’ and enjoy the results of a positive mindset. Leave no room for ‘maybe’ and ‘no’ unless you are using them to affirm your ‘yes’. What does that mean? The truth that you cannot go far if you say yes to everything is undeniable. You should be able to draw boundaries and only say ‘yes’ to requests and opportunities that support your dreams. Of course, as you say ‘yes’ to creating relationships with others – networking – there are higher chances of you getting closer to achieving your dreams through sharing experiences and knowledge. But, if you do not learn to say ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ you might find yourself spending more time trying to help out others and doing them favors at the expense of your own dreams.
Here is how the word ‘yes’ can change your reality;
Yes, I can do it – this is one of the most important things you can ever say to yourself. While the opposite is a definite path to failure, telling yourself that you do have the power to perform a task or reach a goal will challenge you to act and also find ways to ensuring that you make it. If you do not say yes to opportunities, what then ensues is sitting on your hands which does not yield any results. As you get used to challenging yourself, you soon become unstoppable and beautiful things start happening in your life.
Yes, that is my past and present but it will soon be just history – understanding where you are coming from and where you are as well as acknowledging the role it has played in who you are is one of the most important steps towards changing your reality. If you do not see a problem with where you have been and where you are, you will not see the reason to change and will not know what needs to be done to change your situation.
Yes, I would love to help but not now – let people know that as much as you are willing to help, there are pressing issues on your schedule that need completion and you will come to their aid if you manage to get extra time. Do not be a pushover. First, say yes to your dreams and fit in other people's programs where you have time to spare or the program is worth sacrificing for.
Yes there are risks involved but it’s worth a try – some of the things we need to do to change our reality involve risks. In fact, so much of what we do involves risk because we are nearly never sure how things will turn out. This is something you need to understand and be willing to go through in order to grow. Saying yes to risks or challenges pushes us out of our comfort zones and exposes us to bigger things.
Yes, I am not perfect – more often, our realities are only consequences of our own actions. This includes laziness, wasting opportunities, and other forms of lacking discipline. To change your reality in this regard, you need to understand that just like everyone else you are not perfect and you are work in progress. Knowing that you are not perfect and, willingness to change and grow can open up your mind to new things. You also get to understand that what is happening in your life is not always other people's fault but yours. This leads to self-introspection which can further help you uncover the weaknesses that have been pulling you back.
Yes, I need help – you cannot do it all by yourself. Admit it when you need help and ask for it. You learn and progress faster that way. Others have walked the path before you or are still going through it. You can help them as they help you, which makes the journey easier.
Yes, my dreams are valid – if you sat down and carefully considered the path you want to take and ensured it properly aligns with your purpose, let no one discourage you from it. Your life will not make sense to everyone and it does not need to. Be confident of who you are as well as your dreams so that you are not easily pulled back or swayed to the side.

You Only Need One Yes

You Only Need One Yes
Happiness is a skill and just like any other skill you acquire, you ought to sharpen it by practicing for it to be perfected. The skill comes in identifying that which nourishes your happiness and you do more of it. You can never acquire happiness until you say yes to it and open your heart to receive it. To receive, one has to have the ability to say yes. The power of yes is one that can transform one`s life by opening every other door to come after it.
The journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step and that step is always a yes. Permitting yourself to tread the path, to start moving, growing, and thriving in the path of choice. Over the years we have become so attuned to bad things happening and as a survival mechanism, we have become more accustomed to saying no. Often ‘’No’’ comes as a fear-based response to things we do not understand and things we are uncomfortable with. In most people, it ends up crossing the boundary from the situations actually requiring a no to every other situation which calls for change, for trying new things. In all this comes growth but when we are used to throwing the big ‘’No’’ close the door to the opportunity.
The word NO has a negative effect on the mind, releasing stress and chemicals in the brain that affect the effectiveness and rationality of a person. When you are told no you automatically feel a pit in your stomach which just translates to a kick of disappointment. In a world where we are constantly hearing no, there sure is a lot of disappointment people are carrying around. You could have had a business idea so bright but once you pitched it and got a negative response you ditched it. Some people keep going on, trying again but the more the rejection comes each time taking a chunk of their hope with it ultimately, they give up. In such a situation just one ‘’ Yes’’ becomes the miracle you need. A single yes has magic in it to spin everything in your favor.
Never let the rejection sink into you when you hear no, there is no shame in a no, it is in more ways than not a step closer you are taking to getting that one, yes you need. See every no as progress. Every successful person has battled through their share of no`s until one person believed in them. What made them reach that yes however was perseverance and resilience even when the disappointments were kicking them down. They kept standing up, dusting themselves up to continue the quest. You ought to keep at it, keep working, keep trying, cultivate patience and you will eventually get to a yes.
The power in one yes can make all the rejection you have ever come across lose its value. One yes from an investor can make your idea come to life, another yes can bring you a life partner, a job. Do not allow a couple of no`s to drain your enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams but always look at it with positivity to lead you to a better day. The no`s should not shut down your innovation, face them with a winner`s attitude, one of thriving and striving until you get your yes. Your defining moment.
The power in yes does not only come when you are on the receiving end, it is not just about you hearing one yes that will change your entire life. It all starts with permitting yourself, saying yes to yourself, and opportunities. Saying yes entails allowing yourself to try new things, permitting yourself to try, and fail always picking lessons along the way. It means giving room for change and growth in your life, saying yes to opportunities pushes you to go an extra mile and jump out of your comfort zone. One yes to an opportunity and your life can be transformed. You don’t always have to wait for opportunities to come your way sometimes you ought to say yes to creating your own.
Saying yes is a declaration of self-belief, it automatically boosts your confidence. Everything around you can be a key to your awakening if only you can say yes to it. Allow yourself to experience life with all its adventures, your joy becomes fuller when you start saying yes to life and new challenges it puts in your path. Never grow weary in the quest for that yes that can turn things around. When you have understood how to say yes to yourself and have gained your own approval it can only be easy facing rejection on the path to that ‘’Yes’’ you are looking for. Whatever it is you might be needing your yes for, trust the process and keep pressing on, all you need is just one yes, the master key to all other doors of opportunity.

The Secrets To Developing A Yes Mentality

The Secrets To Developing A Yes Mentality
One of the main reasons why most people miss out on opportunities or fail to reach their goals is that they are in the habit of saying NO to everything. Saying NO to your dreams, your inner voice, or new opportunities delays progress and makes it impossible for you to advance in any area of your life. People who repeatedly achieve their goals and bring their dreams to life are those who understand the power of YES.
Learning to say YES more than you say NO will position you for success. It will open up new opportunities, help you work on your goals more effectively, and get you closer to attaining your aims.
Saying yes when you are used to saying no can be difficult and that is why you need to develop a yes mentality to begin reaching your goals.
Developing a yes mentality does not mean you have to turn into a “yes man.” It does not mean you have to say yes to things that hurt or delay your success. Developing a yes mentality means being conscious of opportunities, seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and chasing your dream even when you feel you are not ready. It means saying yes to yourself, your dreams as well as your aspirations.
Developing a yes mentality will help you live the life you want, achieve each goal you set, and have confidence in your abilities. It will make it easier for you to cultivate your skills and try new things that can lead to your big break.
* Always say yes to growth.
The smartest way of developing a yes mentality is by committing to growth in every area of your life. Decide to grow or advance personally, professionally as well as academically, and be conscious of things that enable you to achieve that. Always say yes to things that can move you even one step closer from where you are to where you desire to be.
* Seize every opportunity that comes.
Turning down ideas, proposals, or offers makes moving forward, advancing, and succeeding difficult. Therefore, learn to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Accept every offer that has the potential of having a positive impact on any area of your life. If you are overcautious and have to be 100 percent sure of every opportunity that presents itself, change that. Seize every opportunity that comes and don’t allow “I don’t think I am ready yet” stop you.
* Begin working on your goal even when you are not ready.
One of the secrets to developing a yes mentality is working on your goal even when you think are not ready. This means launching that product, accepting that project, and applying for that position even when you feel you are not ready yet. Doing so will cause you to put in more effort into what you are doing and encourage you to keep learning. Saying yes to our goals by working on them when you feel you are not ready increases your chances of success, opens up new opportunities, keeps you on the right path, and makes it easier for you to say yes more than you say no.
* Practice saying yes more than you say no.
Practicing saying yes more than you say no is a smart way of developing a yes mentality and ensuring you always take the necessary steps toward attaining your aims. Therefore, practice saying yes for a year and experience significant changes in all areas of your life. Say yes to your vision and begin working on it. Accept every promising offer that you get, seize every opportunity no matter how small, say yes to trying new ideas, and say yes to doing things differently just for a year and see what happens.
Developing a yes mentality doesn’t mean agreeing to things that harm you, your progress, or your success. It doesn’t mean blindly accepting everything that comes your way. A yes mentality is one that keeps you open to opportunities, to new methods, as well as to learning new ways of doing things. It is about refusing to silence your inner voice when it’s telling you to go ahead and pursue your main goal. It’s about finally quitting your job and launching that startup. It’s about applying for that senior position that you have always had your eyes on, and always acting on your goals.
Make sure you never let another opportunity pass you by developing a yes mentality and ensure success by saying yes more than you say no.
Advance in every area of your life by being conscious of the opportunity to grow and never allowing anything to get in the way of doing so.

The Yes Mindset

‘The Yes Mindset
If there is something that keeps most people from going after the things they want, it is an inability to embrace change. We accept the status quo because anything contrary is uncomfortable, even when we are unhappy with where we are. Fear keeps us shackled in situations that do not challenge us to grow or become better. We opt to stick to jobs and relationships we dislike, turning down offers that demand more of our time, focus, and energy just because we are afraid that things could go sideways. So we over-analyze certain opportunities and relegate them as unattainable without giving ourselves a chance to see if the benefits of accepting them outweigh the risks that come with them. It is because of this crippling uncertainty that we are quick to say no to opportunities that have the possibility of changing our lives.
Why we say no too many times.
One sad reality about humans is that we are always on the lookout for the worst-case scenario. We constantly push away opportunities because we do not believe in ourselves and our own capabilities. Instead of stepping up to grab the chance to transform our lives, we cower back and shut ourselves out by saying no to anything that calls us out of our safe zone.
It is often true in the workplace, and in spaces that put a spotlight on our abilities. Instead of jumping for the chance to lead a project, we take a backseat because it removes responsibility from us. When we ought to use our talents to bring a change in our lives and the lives of others, we overthink and end up losing the opportunities to others who are more open-minded and more willing to take risks.
Saying no seems to be a safe way of guarding against the possibility of failure. It offers a safety net in the event of a fall. When we say no, the assumption is no one will point fingers at us when perceived failures come.
We say no to tough conversations in the workplace or with our loved ones because we are afraid of the consequences of letting people know that we are unhappy. So we bury the displeasure even when we know it affects us and brings dissatisfaction.
It always seems comfortable to say no until opportunities come and pass you by, leaving regret in their wake.
The power of saying yes.
Developing a yes mindset has the potential to turn things around for the better. When you say yes more often, you become open and more accepting of opportunities, even those that demand more than you are willing to give.
A yes mindset opens you up to possibilities and allows you the chance to experiment with things that are not familiar to you. Saying yes means you are open to trying things on for size, even when they are outside your normal mode of operation. When you constantly reject ideas that come into your head because they seem too far-fetched or unrealistic you place mental blocks on your creativity. Accepting the opportunity to head a project stretches you and unlocks your innovation. It challenges you to be diligent with research, which helps you gain more knowledge on the matter.
Instead of shooting down growth opportunities, saying yes allows ideas to flourish and grow. When a chance to start your own business or make a career shift comes, do not immediately deny it by giving reasons it should not work. Entertain the idea and do your research. It just might lead you to the realization that it is not only possible but that you have what it takes to make it happen.
How to adopt a yes mindset.
Believe in yourself.
A lot of the time when we turn down opportunities, it is because we do not have faith in our abilities to deliver on the demands they make on us. We think the worst of ourselves and we let such opportunities pass us by, which usually brings a lot of regret in the aftermath. The best way to combat this is to develop confidence in what we offer. Know your strengths and make use of them to secure opportunities that propel you to do the impossible. You have what it takes!
Do not knock it until you give it a chance.
When an interesting opportunity comes your way, do not immediately block it by listening to the voices in your head telling you how you are not the right person for the job or that you do not have what it takes. Allow the idea to flesh out in your head. Do a little brainstorming on the issue. What would it require for you to take that opportunity up? How would a leap into uncomfortable terrain make you feel if there is a guarantee you win at it? What is the worst thing that could happen if you took a chance and said yes?
Do your research.
You cannot say yes to every opportunity until you do further investigations. Turning into a yes man will only spread you too thin. Say yes to things that link up to your beliefs and your goals and dreams; things that bring you a step in the right direction. It will not serve you well to just say yes to something without understanding what it will require from you. That is how you waste time and energy on the wrong pursuits. Doing research allows you to explore without committing to anything, which is better than shutting yourself out from great opportunities.
While others will argue that saying no to hard tasks will protect you from potential failure, it keeps you stagnant and comfortable, yet dissatisfied. Sure, saying yes does not guarantee success, but neither does turning down excellent opportunities that challenge you.
Practice saying yes more often and see how it transforms your life!

Say Yes and make things happen

Say ‘Yes’ And Make Things Happen
There is so much power to change lives in learning to say ‘yes’ more. Of course, you cannot say ‘yes’ to everything especially where you are dealing with people; there is a thin line between using the power of yes and being a pushover. This sucks the life out of you and pulls you back from reaching your goals. To unleash the real power of ‘yes’ you need to know the right things to invest yourself in.
Growing up I was reserved and also an over-thinker to the extent that I would calculate my chances of getting an opportunity. I would also calculate my chances of ever doing or getting something right and make the decisions to not even give it a try based on the calculations. With time I gained more confidence and told myself it is better to give life more positivity and discover more of my capabilities. I told myself if I failed, at least I would have tried and will know what doing it feels like while I learn a few more lessons. That has opened my mind to so many things and has helped build my personality and improve my life. When I look back now, I wonder how much of life I missed out on only because I couldn’t say, ‘yes’.
In most cases what stands in between us and our goal is the lack of a positive mindset; yes I can do it, yes it worth trying, yes I will take the risk! It does not matter how much others do to help us, if we do not have a positive mentality we will fail before we even give it a try. Some of the reasons why people are often hesitant to say ‘yes’ include the fear of being judged, limiting connections with others to avoid being hurt, and low self-esteem. Where there is negativity or fear around us, we do everything we can to say 'no' and are able to not just convince others that we have solid reasons to let opportunities pass us but, we convince ourselves too. Without learning to say ‘yes’, we limit ourselves in so many ways.

How saying ‘yes’ makes things happen
You are able to overcome or go against your fears – saying yes does not require you to be the bravest person alive. You need to be willing to get things done and to grow. This should be your priority. Once you prioritize your dreams and value them, you develop something in you that pushes you to act even when it is scary and you doubt yourself. This helps you discover your abilities and gain confidence.
You become open-minded – as you say yes more, you realize the possibilities that surround you. Identifying new opportunities gets easier and you open yourself up for things you otherwise would have thought are for a certain kind of people. Being open-minded also means more exposure and growth for you. When you say yes you also open yourself up for more life lessons.
You meet new people – learning to say yes also means getting out of your corner and allowing yourself to interact with others. This might sound like too much work for introverts but, you do not need to put yourself under pressure to achieve this. After all, your interactions must be strategic. Build relationships that are necessary for your success and avoid getting yourself caught up with people who do not contribute to your growth.
You understand yourself better – being open-minded and meeting new people can help you improve your personal life. When you spend time by yourself or when you are not being strategic in building relationships with people, you are not challenged enough to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Interacting with the intention to grow helps you learn more about others which can also lead you on a self-discovery trip.
You get used to failing and experiencing huge victories – as you challenge yourself and grab opportunities that are beyond your comfort zone, you get used to failing and you experience victories that are beyond your usual level. This helps you understand how trying contributes to your success through the lessons gained. The fulfillment and happiness that come with victories will push you to keep going and be your assurance that anything is possible.
You gain confidence – saying no keeps you static and we do not get to experience much outside the boundaries we create due to fear. This lack of experience and touch from the outside world keeps that fear within us. Saying yes, on the other hand, helps us confront our fears and experience what awaits beyond them. Each step taken against our fears is a step taken towards building our confidence. We realize the power in us and gain strength to do even more.
You will have more fun – saying yes makes life more interesting. Instead of sticking to the same routine to avoid being hurt, disappointed, or judged, you explore more and engage in activities that give you more energy and happiness. Experiencing something bigger than what we thought possible gives us the thrill of our lives.

Say Yes To Your Purpose

Say Yes To Your Purpose
Imagine if you were on your deathbed, and standing around your bed, are the ghosts of the dreams, ideas, abilities, and talents given to you. For whatever reason, you never pursued those dreams; you never acted on those ideas, you never used those gifts and talents. There they are staring at you, with large angry eyes that say, ‘We came to you! If only you could have given us life and now, we must die with you forever.’
If you died today, what dreams, talents, abilities, gifts, and ideas would die with you?
Transcript from Les Brown’s Motivational Speech on Finding Your Life’s Purpose.
Everyone is born with a reason for existence. We all want to live meaningful lives that leave the world better just because we were in it. We all want people to remember us for the contributions we made to improve our lives and the lives of others around us. All that is possible when we say yes to the things that pique our interest and set our souls on fire.
Why say yes to purpose?
‘There is no greater gift than to honor your life’s calling.’ Oprah Winfrey.
If you have a desire to live a full, peaceful, fulfilling life, you must live according to your purpose. Finding your place earns you contentment and inner peace because you are living the way you were created to live.
Having a purpose gives you direction and allows you to develop a course of action to get to your destination. When you live a purposeful life, you are not just drifting with the tide, hoping to land on success by chance. You live with a certain drive and diligence that ensures that you are on the path to fulfilling your dreams. Living according to your purpose gives you clarity and allows you to focus on the things that add value to your life.
Purpose and passion are tied together. Discovering one leads you to the other. When you experience a lot of discontentment with where you are, it is a sign that you are not in alignment with your purpose. When you discover and embrace purpose, you will feel satisfied that you are making a difference in whatever sphere you are in. Purpose ignites your passion and adds vibrancy to a life of routine. Even when you experience a few bumps along the way and you do not seem to be where you want to be, you will still live a happier life when you know you are doing what you love and what you are born to do.
Saying yes to purpose opens up opportunities to discover more about yourself. It stretches your potential because it shakes you up from complacency. It forces you to be innovative- demanding creativity from you. A life of purpose is no easy feat, but the challenges you encounter pale in comparison to the satisfaction it brings you knowing you are living the way you were meant to. The challenges help create better versions of yourself that you will be grateful to have found in the long run.
How to say yes to your purpose.
Allow time for introspection.
Some people walk through the wrong path most of their lives and only discover it when it is too late to go back. Consistent introspection will set you on the right path. Find time away from the noise of life and ask yourself the right questions.
Are you satisfied with where you are? What would you change about your circumstances? What are you passionate about? What gifts and talents do you possess? How can you use them to add value to your life? If you were to do what you love and get money out of it, what would it be?
These are a few of the questions you can ask yourself to find your purpose.
Brainstorm around your passions, and what you do well with minimal effort. There are no limits to ideas on purpose because your mind is your safe space. Find your purpose and say yes to it!
Shut out negativity.
One thing that keeps us from chasing our dreams is negativity. Saying yes to your purpose seems easy enough until doubt and feelings of inadequacy tempt you to say no. Do not shut out the opportunity to transform your life and the lives of others because saying no seems more comfortable!
You cannot pursue purpose if you have a negative mentality. You must shun all the negative thoughts you have about yourself and your abilities if you want to live a purposeful life.
Instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to say no to challenging opportunities, say yes more often. Saying yes builds your positivity. It allows you the chance to be more confident in who you are and what you can offer.
Knowing your purpose and living it are two different things. Many know what they need to do, but few know how to do it.
Before you commit to a purpose, thoroughly research it. Find out the translation of purpose in the area feel strongly about. How can you turn your passion into purpose? How can you make contributions that affect other people's lives now that you have an idea what your purpose could be? How can you use your talent to touch people’s lives?
Thorough research also protects you from saying yes to the wrong purpose.
Attempt to find out what you can do to bring meaning to your life, then do it. Do not procrastinate because you have no guarantee that you will get another chance to live your purpose. Do not allow intimidation to force you to reject opportunities to pursue your calling. Say yes to purpose and open the door to a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.
‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why.’ Mark Twain.

How Saying Yes Can Change Your Life

How Saying Yes Can Change Your Life
‘We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.’ Max DePree.
Growth begins when you embrace change. A sure way of allowing growth in any area of your life is saying yes to opportunities that come your way, more so when they align with your vision.
If you complain a lot about where you are, you may need to check what opportunities you allowed to slip out of your grasp. There is a possibility that saying yes to them could have improved your life. We all get chances to change our circumstances. It is only the brave few who say yes, even in times of uncertainty that stand a chance at living a meaningful life.
When you have time to make a difference, how often do you embrace it without allowing your fear of failure to cause you to reject the opportunity?
Many limitations we see around us are self-imposed.
We spend most of the time listening to the voice of doubt and impossibility that we reject anything that challenges us to step out of our comfort zones. When faced with a chance to step into our rightful purpose, we question our readiness and procrastinate to a time we think we will be more prepared to take on such responsibility. This is how we take a step backward while our peers seem to take giant leaps forward. Sometimes, it is not because we are not ready or good enough or because we lack the right skills. It is about our willingness to try out something new and uncomfortable. It is about saying yes to opportunities that come knocking at our door.
If you feel you are stuck in a rut and your life is one long, boring routine, try looking out for opportunities that can change your situation. Say yes and take the lead on a project at your workplace. Embrace a career shift. Say yes to that refreshing trip you have been postponing. Go out more with friends and loved ones. Do whatever is in your power to change your circumstances.
Every successful person you admire has had to say yes to being challenged and stretched beyond their comfort zone. You do not have to say yes to every opportunity, but saying no shuts out the possibility of growth in your life. It limits your actions towards your dreams. It keeps you in stagnation because it does not allow you to explore what you can do when you are under pressure.
A simple yes makes all the difference.
When you say yes, you open yourself to endless possibilities. Saying no often ensures that many opportunities pass you by and you let most of them go without you even being aware. The opposite is true because saying yes alerts you to new challenges and opens new doors that can lead to the success you have always dreamt of. To reject an opportunity is to reject the invaluable lessons you can draw from it. It is to accept the circumstances you dislike. Say yes and see the world of possibilities that come your way.
Whenever you say yes, you give creativity a chance to come out and play. A yes mindset allows you to dream more. It adds vibrancy to the way you do things. As you brainstorm for a personal or work-related project you have agreed to, you get to discover certain skills you did not know you had. You learn alternative ways of approaching and solving problems.
Saying yes boosts your confidence, especially after it leads to success and positive transformation. It motivates you to say yes to intimidating projects. You become more positive about future endeavors, and you are likely to jump into things with more enthusiasm than skepticism. Success favors those who are willing to take risks and saying yes affords you a chance at that.
A yes mentality helps you get over your fear of failure. It silences your insecurities. When you say yes, with an understanding that it does not always guarantee a win, you handle failure differently. You embrace the setbacks you encounter as lessons learned and move on to the next project without beating yourself about it.
If you have ever been in the company of people who feel their life could have gone better, you will understand the value of saying yes more often. Regret is a product of always saying no, which leads to us turning down opportunities that have the power to change the course of our lives. Do not live a life of regret and constantly asking ‘What if?’
Say yes more often.
You do not have to say yes to everything. If an opportunity sparks your curiosity and has you wondering, follow it up with the relevant research before committing to it. Embrace the opportunities that align with your beliefs and add value to your life. Say yes to the opportunities that align with your vision and your goals.
What to say yes to.
Say yes to new challenges and adventures.
Say yes to endless possibilities.
Say yes to opportunities that lead to growth and betterment of self.
Say yes to the things that push you out of the comfort zone. After all, the bird only learns to fly when you push it out of the nest.
Say yes to transformative engagements with your peers inside and outside your work zone.
Say yes to things that break monotony in your life.
Say yes to any opportunity that makes life meaningful and worth living.
Say yes to things that make a difference in the lives of others.
Opportunities come and go and rarely do they knock twice. Do not court a life of regret by being too quick to say no. Embrace more yeses and see how that changes your life for the better.

Saying YES Even When You Do Not Know The Outcome

Saying ‘Yes’ Even When You Do Not Know The Outcome
Life is not just black and white. It has its complications and things do not always go as planned. As we start our journey towards our goals and live our lives daily, we are not sure of what the result will be and what will happen next. Fear creeps in but, is that reason enough to say ‘no’ to some things and play it safe? In life we are faced with so much risk and most of what we do involves taking chances. Nothing is certain.
Nowadays, just leaving the house for a walk, falling in love, eating and more has become risky. You can innocently buy food at your grocery shops only to discover when you are hospitalized that it was infected, or go out for a walk only to fall victim to abductors, or fall in love only to realize later that you do not know the person the way you thought you did or that they lied about who they really are. But do we then stop living because of that? Certainly not! You do not have full control over the outcomes of your life but you are responsible for letting opportunities pass you by through choosing inaction where you could have given it a try. The biggest risk you can ever take is choosing to not try.
Although things can be that bad, there are still good things happening all around us. All we need to do is to keep the hope for a good life alive and stay focused on our purpose. We also need to keep our mindset on the positives rather than negatives else we will lose all of what we would have enjoyed to fear and pessimism. No matter what happens, just say ‘yes’ and keep moving forward.
Try to think more about the possible positive outcomes and take a chance going forward rather than backward. As you win and lose, you eventually unlock new doors and expose yourself to more possibilities. It is better to fail while moving than complaining while you remain in the same position. Trying allows us to learn about the world around us and takes us on a journey to self-discovery. Once we get to know our strengths and weaknesses that are pushing us towards or keeping us from reaching our goals, we know what we need to do to improve.

What happens when you say ‘yes’ even when you do not know the outcome?
You stand up against our fears – when we learn to say yes in uncertain situations, fear slowly loses its hold on us. Thus, we get to understand that some things are not as bad as our fear can make us believe which helps us face future challenges boldly. You overcome the fear of failure.
You face failure and learn how to deal with it – learning how to deal with failure is necessary for everyone especially those who desire a quality of life beyond the ordinary. Besides helping us learn to persevere, facing fears plays a big role in boosting our confidence and making us unstoppable. It is also said that a calm sea does not make a smooth sailor and that it is not failure if you learn from it. As you say ‘yes’ and allow yourself to face failure, you identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategies which can help you improve your approach to reaching your goals. You know what you lost and how you lost it which can help you with your future calculations. A comfortable life of avoiding risks does not allow you to learn much.
You increase your chances of success – as you take risks, you stand a chance of discovering more and new opportunities that are not obvious or worth taking to those who choose to give way to fear. The fact that you are able to confront your fears makes you stand out and puts you in position others are allowing their fear to keep them from reaching. Also, as you keep saying yes you enter into a zone that has less competition than the previous because people are less willing to take risks. Success does not often compromise to meet us at our level of comfort, we pursue it and that means we should be willing to find our way around all obstacles, uncertainty included. Inaction leads nowhere.
You build your mental strength – as you walk the fearsome path and get to the other side, anything you left behind can no longer have a strain on you mentally. You look forward to new and bigger challenges which to you start to seem minor than they did before you faced the previous ones. You learn to remain sane amid challenging situations as you get used to dealing with uncertainty. You start to believe that if you did it in the past you have it in you to win again.
There is always something to gain – unlike when you just sit and do nothing due to fear of the unknown, saying yes takes you a step ahead always. If you do not gain what you intended to get, you are at least a step away from where you were previously and you get to learn and explore.

Allow Yourself To Be Who You Want To Be

Allow Yourself To Be Who You Want To Be
In a changing world, one which is evolving every second, the best thing you can ever be is yourself. We are so familiar with the notion since we have been hearing it our whole lives, however, the challenge presents itself when it comes to implementing. As much as one might want to be their real self, without acting upon it they will just continue going with the tides of everything else going on in the world. We get so caught up until we forget who we were in the first place and what we end up claiming to be is all but just a distorted version of the real person.
Being yourself sounds so easy, the idea of just working up and being who you have always been. When we look at it more closely it is not as easy it sounds, with so much influence all around us we can easily conform. Little by little we take the shape of the mold which we are in be it society, our friends, or family. There are myriads of voices speaking over our lives and many times we allow them to speak louder than our inner voices, to have more influence on us than that we have over ourselves.
Without the right understanding, the idea of just being yourself can be easily misused. I have seen people justify their toxic traits, anger bursts, and rudeness by claiming that is just who they are. Being yourself does not mean ignoring your bad habits, weaknesses, and toxic traits and just going with the flow. It does not entail giving excuses for the changes you are not willing to make by accepting them to be the real you.
To be your true self you have to define the kind of person you want to be, have a clear vision of who you want to be, and take intentional steps to be that person. Our true self is often covered up with conditioned, fear-based, and people-pleasing complexes that we end up believing to be our true nature. When you have established in your mind who you want to be, the next thing is to allow yourself to be just that. You are your greatest obstacle standing in the way of becoming who you are meant to be. The moment you decide to be who you want to be, you allow yourself to start taking intentional steps towards being that person.
You can only reach the point of being your true self, the one you have defined when you listen less to all other voices and pay more attention to your inner one. When you let go of how the world sees you, the labels and judgments you might have burdened yourself with and you start seeing yourself in a new light. It is only after letting go of the identity we are carrying can we then create another, one true to us.
Ways to allow yourself to be who you want to be:
* Mindfulness. Be more aware of your thoughts and the quality of your thinking. Never allow negative thoughts to run rampant in your mind setting boundaries on the person you can be, uproot them before they form a basis of who you see yourself to be. With a lot of negativity all around us, you cannot afford to be negative about yourself as well. Believe in yourself, your abilities and in the person, you want to be.
* Never aim to please people. The ones you want to please might not even be looking your way. Hold on to your beliefs and do what is right by them and not just what you find acceptable to those around you. To make others seem comfortable, we at times dim our light. Do not worry too much about how others see you, in good proportions, it can help you reflect and change for the better but when your every action becomes hinged on what people will think about you then you lose yourself.
* Fall in love with who you are. Learn to appreciate your efforts, appreciate yourself, and everything that makes you unique. Most times we are good friends to others but barely friends to ourselves. Be kind to yourself.
* Learn more about yourself. Dig deeper and find what makes you tick, what makes you happy, and pursue it. The more you know about yourself the easier it is to mold yourself into the person you want to be. Identifying your weakness, strengths, toxic traits and intentionally working on them to be a better you.
* Never let fear hold you back. Often, we become comfortable with versions of yourselves that are not true to who we are because we are afraid of change. We are afraid of what the change might come with, we conform and mimic all that is around us because we are afraid of not belonging. We are afraid of rejection. The fear of failure holds you back from being the person you can be, seeding doubt in you until you don’t believe in yourself. Let go of the fear and allow yourself to be who you want to be.
“allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free’’

10 Things You Should Say Yes To Today

10 Things You Should Say Yes To Today
Saying YES is very empowering and opens up many doors in your life. The barriers and limits that hold you back from fully getting the best out of your life are lifted and you get to experience what it really means to be living. Let us see some of those life-changing things that you can say yes to today.
1. Say Yes to new friendships
As we grow older, our circle of friends begins to dwindle. Most people resort to a hermit-like lifestyle with minimum interaction no matter how much others reach to them. So if you find yourself retreating from others, say YES to new friendships today. Friends, especially the real and well-chosen ones, are the people who pull you out of your comfort zone and help you experience things that you have never experienced before. Say YES to real and fulfilling friendships today
2. Say Yes to Love
It goes without saying, many people today are scared of falling in love. They are scared of investing themselves and becoming broken. So, they either avoid romantic engagements altogether or they fall into those shallow relationships where they do not invest emotionally. This means they never really get to enjoy the refreshing and fulfilling feeling of real love. Stop that now. Say YES to love. Love without fear in your heart. Enjoy the wonderful gifts that a love life has to offer.
3. Say Yes to new hobbies
Our free time matters. We should not waste it in some monotonous routine. Start that hobby you have always been eager for. Learn the guitar, write poetry, or take a dance class. In fact, color your life with those things that make you free and alive. Do not just sit in the miserable corner. Your life is more enjoyable when you are doing things that make you feel happy. Say YES now. Do not give lame excuses.
4. Say Yes to standing up for yourself
As Phil Collins once sang, "You got to shout if you have got something to say." Do not live a life of quiet despair. Do not let others drown you. Stand up for yourself. Make known what you feel. Like the poet, Walt Whitman, let you "barbaric yawp" sound over the rooftops of the world. Do not become the proverbial doormat for others to walk over.
5. Say Yes to reading more
The process of learning never stops. Never stop learning. Read. Read for pleasure and also for enlightenment. There are various fields in life for us to delve into. Be it philosophy, poetry, history, science, psychology, satisfy your curiosity. Take the time to read and analyze things that you have read. This will help you grow in many aspects of life, make you a better and compassionate being.
6. Say yes to new opportunities
Many times, opportunities come knocking on our door and we block them with our curt "no" or other excuses. From today, start saying YES when opportunities come. Drop the fear that is holding you back from grabbing those opportunities. Do not be afraid of failure. Even when you are not yet sure, do not let hesitation cripple you. To quote Richard Branson, "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later." This requires some courage and strength of spirit. Let your YES lead you to amazing discoveries.
7. Say yes to letting go
People usually carry the burdens of their past with them. They let the misfortunes of the past weigh them down and live a life of perpetual regret. If you are one of these people, learn to say yes and let go. Leave the past behind you and fully dwell in the present. Letting go of the past is one of the most liberating things you could ever try in your life. Say YES and be free of your past regrets.
8. Say yes to traveling more
To astutely put it in Mark Twain's words, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” As much as it is a fun activity, traveling also helps one to become more enlightened and tolerant in life. Say YES to that trip that you have been constantly postponing.
9. Say yes to confidence
Be confident in life. Self-doubt is ok but in small doses. If you are the one who always seeks the approval of others, stop and take a more confident stance in life. Make your decisions and see them through. This will help you do things the way you want and gain autonomy in life. And whoever says autonomy also says freedom.
10. Say Yes to Spoil yourself
Do not spend your time trying to please others while forgetting yourself. Today, spoil yourself with some pizza, some ice-cream, or that much-needed vacation. Whenever you can, celebrate your small victories in life. Reward yourself for all that hard work you have been putting up. Learn to enjoy life's little moments.
Saying YES is really a good step towards a life of contentment. Live life fully and find many things to say yes to. Say yes to all those good things that make your life happier and more fulfilling.